Source code for baseplate.testing.lib.file_watcher

import typing

from typing import Tuple
from typing import Type
from typing import Union

from baseplate.lib.file_watcher import _NOT_LOADED
from baseplate.lib.file_watcher import FileWatcher
from baseplate.lib.file_watcher import T
from baseplate.lib.file_watcher import WatchedFileNotAvailableError

[docs]class FakeFileWatcher(FileWatcher): """Fake file watcher for testing purposes. Use this in place of a :py:class:`~baseplate.lib.file_watcher.FileWatcher` in tests to avoid having to load an actual file: .. testsetup:: from baseplate.testing.lib.file_watcher import FakeFileWatcher .. doctest:: >>> file_watcher = FakeFileWatcher() >>> file_watcher.get_data() Traceback (most recent call last): baseplate.lib.file_watcher.WatchedFileNotAvailableError: /fake-file-watcher: no value set >>> = "test" >>> file_watcher.get_data() 'test' .. versionadded:: 1.5 """ # pylint: disable=super-init-not-called def __init__(self, data: Union[T, Type[_NOT_LOADED]] = _NOT_LOADED, mtime: float = 1234): = data self.mtime = mtime def get_data_and_mtime(self) -> Tuple[T, float]: if is _NOT_LOADED: raise WatchedFileNotAvailableError("/fake-file-watcher", Exception("no value set")) return typing.cast(T,, self.mtime