The tracing observer reports span information to a Zipkin-compatible distributed trace aggregator. This can be used to build up cross-service views of request processing across many services.

See the OpenTracing overview for more info on what tracing is and how it is helpful to you.


Make sure your service calls configure_observers() during application startup and then add the following to your configuration file to enable and configure the tracing observer.



# required to enable observer
# the name of the service reporting traces
tracing.service_name = my_service

# optional: traces won't be reported if not set
# the name of the POSIX queue the trace publisher sidecar
# is listening on
tracing.queue_name = some-queue

# optional: what percent of requests to report spans for
# (defaults to 10%). note: this only kicks in if sampling
# has not already been determined by an upstream service.
tracing.sample_rate = 10%